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Olive Harvester

$370.00 $100.00

Olive harvester agrotechnic The fastest, lightest  operation with a battery 12V. Cable 14m 5 Type as below  * Supervloce: super fast variable speed max 2500 bpm 2.5kg 4D movement head SUPERVELOCE® Brushless Motor 2.500 RPM Total machine length – 2.4m. ( 3.4 or 4.4m optional for CF). tree up to 7m.  Made in Greece 


  • The fastest, lightest and more efficient olive harvester we have ever made.
  • Innovative patented vibrating olive harvester with X.QUATTRO® head.
  • Four Dimensional 4D movement and carbon head.
  • SUPERVELOCE® Brushless Motor 12VDC – 2.500 RPM
  • Speed control with micro-adjust.
  • Developed for professional operation with a regular car battery 12VDC.
  • Friendly to the environment – 0 emissions
  • Carbon tube.
  • Total machine length – 2.4m. (2.9-3.4 with optional extension).
  • Super Lightweight – 2.5Kg for easy operation.
  • Minimum noise and vibrations.
  • Includes 14m cable, battery kit with alligator clips for car battery and fuse holder with fuse.

Support Videos

X.QUATT Assembly instructions

mk2 tube clamp assembly


The Soft variant of the Olive Harvestermight be designed for delicate tasks requiring precision and care. It may operate at slower speeds to ensure accuracy, reducing potential damage to crops or soil. It could also include features like gentle handling mechanisms, special attachments, and a highly sensitive control system for intricate operations. 


Medium Speed 

The Medium Speed variant of the Olive Harvester could be engineered for general-purpose agricultural tasks. With a balanced combination of speed and power, this model would likely perform a wide range of tasks efficiently, harvesting. ;


Medium Fast 

The Medium Fast version of the Olive Harvester is likely to be geared towards more time-sensitive farming tasks. It might provide faster operation than the Medium Speed variant while still maintaining considerable control over precision. It may include features like high-torque motors for quick acceleration and advanced navigation systems for fast yet accurate operation. 


Super Fast 

The Super Fast Olive Harvester could be designed for tasks requiring maximum speed and efficiency. This variant would probably excel in large-scale operations where speed is paramount to productivity. Its features might include powerful Motor, high-speed transmission systems, and advanced speed control for swift, precise movements even at high speeds.